12 Step System

Step 1

Step 2


Start every procedure by sanitizing your hands first, and then your clients. Tammy Taylor Sanitize is available in 2 fragrances: Peach and Gardenia.


(All 10) using Tammy Taylor Acetone Polish Remover w/conditioners. Available in 2 fragrances: Peach and Gardenia.
Note: Non-Acetone Polish removers can leave acrylic nails yellow and gummy.

Step 3

Step 4


(All 10) Remove particles from the nail-plate with a disinfectable plastic manicure brush. Brush from cuticle to end of free-edge, until the nail is clean. This also helps eliminate lifting.

Note: Do not use a cosmetic brush as it cannot be properly disinfected.


(All 10) Use the 100-grit Purple Terminator (available as an Etcher Stick or a File) to remove shine from the natural nail. Proper etching will eliminate 75% of lifting.
Etch only the way the nail grows, from the cuticle to end of free-edge, until there is no shine on the nail-plate. Etching will create little hills & valleys on the top of the nail-plate, which the product will flow into.
To further insure no lifting: use the Pterygium Stone to push back excess cuticle and skin that has grown onto the nail-plate.

Step 5

Step 6


(All 10) Apply Tammy Taylor (non-lifting) Primer and let dry. This will dry out the oils and kill the germs on the nails. A pre-prime is “not” necessary; as it could cause lifting. Note: The primer is a methacrylic acid.

A half ounce bottle can prime 1,000 nails; so a very small amount is all that is needed. Primer can cause irritation. Dab the primer brush on a towelette, before priming, to remove excess. After priming, wipe brush on towelette before placing brush back into bottle to eliminate contamination. WARNING: If primer is spilled, remove any clothing anywhere primer spilled and wash affected areas with soap and water for at least 15 minutes. (Always keep Primer in a Primer Holder)


(All 10) The proper form will help eliminate breaking and cracking. The Tammy Taylor “Forms” are available in 3 different nail-bed shapes: Oval, Square and Original. Also in 2 different designs: Competitive Edge and Custom.

Step 7

Step 8


(One nail at a time) Apply 2nd coat of primer just before applying acrylic, so the primer is wet when the acrylic is applied; this helps adhesion.

Note: If second coat of primer dries, a 3rd coat can be applied.


(One nail at a time) Tammy Taylor Acrylic Product is applied in 4 balls: 1st Ball – Apply to free-edge (pat into shape); 2nd Ball – Apply 1/2 way down nail-bed (stroke out); 3rd Ball – Apply 1/32 inch away from cuticle (stroke out); 4th Ball – Apply to Stress area (stroke out).

“Pat” the free-edge ball and “Stroke” the nail-bed balls. Use the Tammy Taylor deep-well Ceramic Dish and Kolinsky Custom brush, to make the perfect consistency when creating a nail.
Pinch C-Curve as nail starts to Dry.

Step 9

Step 10


File the nails in 5 Steps, using the 100-grit Purple Terminator file (on steps 1-3); and the 180-grit Zebra file (on steps 4&5).

1. LEFT SIDE nail groove (All 10 Nails)
2. RIGHT SIDE nail groove (All 10 Nails)
3. Free-Edge nail tip (All 10 Nails)
4. CUTICLE AREA & CONTOUR (All 10 Nails) (Horseshoe Pattern)
5. CLIENTS ANGLE (All 10 Nails)


(All 10) Apply Tammy Taylor Conditioning Cuticle Oil to nails (available in fragrances: Peach and Gardenia), then buff with a Clean Finish Buffer, to smooth and remove scratches. Shine nails with the Super Soft Shiner.

Step 11

Step 12


Squirt small amount of Tammy Taylor Peach Spa: Soft Soak (gentle cleanser) onto plastic manicure brush, and have client wash their hands.


Apply A+ Coat, Top Gel+ or your favorite Gelegance Gel Polish. Note: When applying gel do not buff with oil, dry buff only.