What makes our brand different

  • “Soak it off" - 50% faster than acetone, gentle, smells amazing and no more drying out of hands or allergic reactions
  • Our amazing filling system is disposiable and saves you from buying a new file each time  which is 10 times more hygienic!!
  • No more smelly Monomer - 4 different liquids to suit your clients needs. Especially for those "chronic lifters"
  • "Spray the pain away" - Topical pain reliever for those sensitive cuticles - works like magic!
  • Massive variety of powders - You will never have to mix again - Specific to your needs.
  • No marbling with our Prizma powders!! Stays the same colour!
  • Our gel polishes have a 14 day extended ware! And only two coats are needed which gives you a glass effect!
  • Tammy Taylor created the first oval brush ever with a flat ferrule.  Nail Brushes, Custom, Original and Flat (Kolinsky Sable)
  • Our famous dazzle rocks are not like any other dazzle product as it is not glitter, they have a holographic effects and never loses their shine!!

Acrylic for our Princesses

  • Acrylic Tips
  • Acrylic Tips with Gel overlay
  • Acrylic toes

Acrylic for our Queens

  • Sculptured Nails
  • Acrylic Tips
  • Acrylic Overlay over natural nails
  • Acrylic 2 week fill
  • Acrylic 3 week fill
  • Acrylic 4 week fill
  • Acrylic Tips with colour gel / overlay
  • Acrylic toes
  • Acrylic soak / removal 30min
To Compliment your nails

Nail swarovski Crystals
Swarovski stones
Nail Art
3D Nail Art

Mani soft soak
Buff & shine
Nail Repair