• R199.00

    When it comes to pink and whites, the only top coat you need it A+ Top Coat. It keeps your whites white and your pinks bright. It is an acrylic sealer with UV inhibitors made for pink and whites, french and fade acrylics. Air dries in 30 seconds and keeps nails from yellowing or staining. Formaldehyde FRE- Toluene FREE- DBP FREE.

  • R175.00

    A polish manicure’s BFF! This non-yellowing, high gloss top coat will give your nail lacquer a beautiful, flawless and smooth luster. Keeps your reds, red. Keeps your deep coloured nail polish from fading. Keeps your French Manicures from yellowing on Natural Nails. The air-drying formula will extend the life of your manicures. Tip: Apply a fresh coat about every 2-3 days in between Manicures, to keep polish fresh and shiny.

  • R175.00

    Best. Top Coat. EVER. This was 100% made for the girl on the go. Incredible formula keeps polish fresh and shiny, and can be used with any nail lacquer (or even acrylic)! Great for pedicures.

  • R319.00

    This is THE BEST Sugar Scrub you’ll ever use. It smells exactly like peach rings candy- but it gets even better. This incredible formula doesn’t separate and doesn’t leave an oily mess or residue. The sugar stays suspended, which helps to exfoliate leaving the skin silky smooth. You can use this with manicures and pedicures and for your body! Use on all dry, callused areas including elbows, knees and the heels of your feet. Also, perfect for body exfoliation before getting a spray tan! 225g tub.

  • R379.50

    Love My Pedi is an all-in-one foot cream that softens and smooths callus while moisturizing and protecting dry cracked feet. Love My Pedi removes dead skin around the cuticle and is best applied before bedtime to wake up with soft silky feet. 225g tub.

  • R450.00

    Thymolize solution is an effective, broad spectrum anti-fungal for infections of the nail bed. The problem usually presents by a lifting of the nail off the nail bed, creating the perfect condition for highly contagious fungus to grow.

  • R480.00

    Spray Pain Away provides fast pain relief with no side effects. It starts working immediately. Spray it on anytime and anywhere, it will not ruin your clothes or make your skin sticky. This product works for the following symptoms: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, sports injuries, backache, neck ache, sinus, headaches, fatigue, muscle pains, sprains, knee pain, tennis elbow, bruises, joint strains and many more.

    Height: 15cm
    Width: 4cm
    Length: 4cm
    Weight: 0.105kg
  • R150.00

    Tammy Taylor “Conditioning Cuticle Oil” is a combination of the richest natural ingredients, which re-hydrate the skin surrounding the nail and the cuticle area without causing any lifting of artificial nail products. (Excellent treatment in all types of nail services.)

    Tammy Taylor “Conditioning Cuticle Oil” promotes Healthy, strong natural fingernails, and healthy fingernail growth; even while wearing gel polish, acrylic gels or other types of nail enhancement products. (Excellent for at-home daily use.)

    Made with 100% natural oils.
    * Contains no alcohol or mineral oil, which have a drying effect on cuticles and nails.
    * Helps heal dry cracked cuticles.

    Height: 8cm
    Width: 3cm
    Length: 3cm
    Weight: 0.052kg